From seed to cup, our commitment to sustainable coffee

We promote environmental conservation, fair labour practices, and community development, all while delivering you the finest coffee

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The Pinnacle of Taste & Quality

Discover the true essence of coffee

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures a sensory experience that is unrivaled, leaving you with a lasting impression of what truly amazing coffee can be.

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Indulge in a World of Sensory Delights

Masterful roasting for unmatched flavour profiles

Our expert roasters are dedicated to the art and science of coffee roasting, employing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to unlock the true essence of each bean.

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Cultivating Connection & Community

Sharing our love of coffee with the world

Our mission is to expand the horizons of Indian specialty coffee, with a commitment to creating a community of coffee lovers.

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  • "JRC coffee beans are the best Indian beans I’ve had by far.

    Whether I have my coffee black or as a latte, the rich aroma and the smooth taste always comes through - a testament to how closely the folks at JRC take care of their beans from cultivation to roasting.

    One of my biggest peeves with Indian coffee is the strong muddy/earthy aftertaste; however, with JRC beans I’ve always experienced a consistent, balanced flavour profile.

    An absolute must have if you’re a coffee lover!"- Keshav Kaul

  • "Pure coffee, with a pleasing aroma and a strong, yet gentle taste. Surely, a worthy tribute from the torchbearers of the high standards set by the pioneer, Dr. James Rodrigues!" - Gayatri Kapur

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