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James Rodrigues Coffee is a picturesque, family-owned plantation business that has been passed down through four generations. We specialize in growing premium and specialty coffee as well as pepper in the serene and idyllic Coorg and Saklespur regions of the Western Ghats in Karnataka.

Our coffee and pepper are sourced exclusively from two of our properties, namely, Hanchibetta & Cowricad Estates in Pollibetta and Heggadde Estates in Saklespur. From nurturing the saplings in our nurseries to expertly blending and roasting our beans, we are committed to being involved in every step of the process.

We take immense pride in our passion for coffee, extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, and unwavering commitment to quality. Our aim is to bring the invigorating aroma and flavor of our plantation coffee straight to your cup.

James Rodrigues, The Founder

After earning his Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from UCLA In 1959, James returned to India to expand the family business under the guidance of his father A.A. Rodrigues. He was passionate about and actively involved in the coffee industry, serving as the Karnataka Planters' Association (KPA) Chairman from 1982-1983.

He remains our source of inspiration, and we strive to continue building his legacy.

Nancy Rodrigues, The Matriarch

Following James Rodrigues' unfortunate and untimely passing in 1983, his wife, Nancy Rodrigues, assumed a pivotal leadership position within the business, providing indispensable support to her sons. She played a significant part in the acquisition of the Heggade Estates, and her ongoing influence continues to inspire and guide the family.

The legacy continues

James Rodrigues' esteemed legacy has been respectfully advanced by his sons, Marvin and Vivian Rodrigues.

Marvin followed in his father's footsteps, and served as Chairman of the Karnataka Planters' Association (KPA) in 2011-12.

Now, his grandsons, Samir and Pranith, endeavour to couple their profound appreciation for coffee with innovative additions to elevate the Rodrigues heritage to new levels of excellence.

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